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Bringing People Together.

Lake Chelan Community Center will be a safe and accessible space bringing people together to build relationships, promote wellness, and serve our community.

Help bring this landmark project to completion.

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Learn more about the remarkable 46,000 sq. ft. facility.

Lake Chelan Community Center
Status Updates

of phase one
Currently in Phase One (of Three)
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Left To Complete:
  • Light fixtures and electrical finish work
  • Entry and mezzanine drywall
  • Ceiling panels throughout
  • Elevator installation
  • Kitchen equipment installation
  • Children's play area installation
  • Parking lot and light poles
  • Sidewalks and paver installation
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Tenant improvements
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of phase TWO
Currently in Phase Two (of Three)
Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three
Phase Two is 12% funded with a funding gap of $3 million.
This unprecedented project achieved a fully funded Phase One thanks to grants, foundations, volunteers, generous contributions from our local patrons, and people who have a heart for the Lake Chelan community.
Help raise funds for Phase Two and enhance the quality of life for our community!
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Scroll Through the Latest Construction Highlights

Exterior photo (Main)
Exterior photo (Main)
Exterior photo (Side)
Exterior photo (Side)
1st Floor (Gym)
1st Floor (Gym)
1st Floor (Lobby)
1st Floor (Lobby)
1st Floor (Multi Purpose)
1st Floor (Multi Purpose)
2nd Floor (RealLife)
2nd Floor (RealLife)
2nd Floor (True Fitness)
2nd Floor (True Fitness)
2nd Floor (Room 216)
2nd Floor (Room 216)

Benefits of the Lake Chelan Community Center

Illustration of a building open for everyone

The Community Center is for Everyone

All of the greater Lake Chelan community, residents and guests, and members of our neighboring communities are welcome and invited to use The Community Center.

The Community Center is developing programs, partnerships, and scholarships to allow everyone to enjoy the facilities regardless of circumstance.

Personal finances will not be a barrier to using and benefitting from The Community Center.

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Help build a world-class community center for all.

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A Hub of Services, Connections, and Partnerships

The Community Center was created, in part, to be the place that brings people together where they’ll easily and conveniently have access to high value services.

Several of our partners will offer programs and services requiring a reasonable charge for participation. The Community Center plans to develop and offer programs as well, some of which will require an affordable fee to enroll.

Rather than requiring membership fees, individuals will be able to purchase a single-use pass or package of passes that grants them use of The Community Center amenities (e.g., swimming pool, courts, etc.) and room rentals.

Illustration of four hands connecting a puzzle together
Illustration of a person running up steps

We are committed to facilitating the potential of individuals, children, and families, improving health and well-being, and giving back. To that end, we strive to develop a program that offers equitable access for all through affordable programs and passes.

The Community Center is currently in the development phase of the pass program.

Check the News page or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest pass program updates.

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ASSIST in creating an accessible space for our community.

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Powered by the CORE

At the heart of this project are four key values affectionately known as the CORE, which stands for:
Illustration of two people shaking hands
The letter "C" in CORE


A community center built with everyone in mind.
The facility will be accessible to all — including families and children facing financial challenges, and those living in surrounding communities.
Illustration of three people planning
The letter "O" in CORE


A community center celebrating giving, volunteerism, and service.
The Community Center will provide people an avenue to contribute to something larger than themselves, facilitating a sense of belonging, unity, and pride in our community.
Illustration of two hands gripping in agreement
The letter "R" in CORE


A community center designed to be a gathering place and inspire collaboration and connection.
People from all walks of life can connect to form personal and professional relationships and help each other find success in their personal and professional goals.
Illustration of person with a cape ready for take off
The letter "E" in CORE


A community center equipping people to grow strong in body, mind, and spirit.
From the state-of-the-art sports facility to a central hub for numerous impactful service organizations, The Community Center will foster health and wellness in many ways.

Impact your community by becoming a CORE contributor.

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What is the Lake Chelan Community Center?

With your support and the efforts of the Seven Acres Foundation, the Lake Chelan Community Center will be a 46,000 sq. ft. world-class community facility and meeting space featuring:

A 10,000 sq. ft. auditorium

to facilitate a space for various sports, play areas, and events including:
  • A full-size basketball court (two practice basketball courts or three volleyball courts, four pickleball courts, or a community meeting space)
  • A 1200 sq. ft. events stage (capacity for up to 630 people)
  • A community meeting space
  • A mezzanine viewing area above the auditorium
  • Family restrooms
  • Mother’s lounge
  • Second floor with leasable space

A workspace center

  • Rentable stations with desks, monitors, and internet
  • Access to a conference room

Outdoor courts, spaces, & lawn

including areas for:
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Outdoor pickleball courts
  • Leasable event space - outside of commercial kitchen and event room

An indoor children’s play area

A 900 sq. ft. room, allowing children (seven and under) to have a safe and comfortable place to play year-round.

Leasable private office spaces

A commercial kitchen

An aquatic center

including areas for:
  • A six-lane, 25-yard competition swimming pool
  • Splash pad, therapy pool, bathhouse, pool enclosure
  • Family restrooms

5 multi-purpose rooms

A coffee shop

An event room

(adjacent to commercial kitchen)

Please contribute to making this project a reality for our community.

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Illustration of a person with a magnifying glass looking at a map

Where is The Community Center Located?

Positioned centrally in the Lake Chelan region on Highway 150, The Community Center is:
Accessible from the highway
One mile from Downtown Chelan
Six miles from Downtown Manson

Seven Acres Foundation

The driving force behind the Lake Chelan Community Center.

Seven Acres Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as the legal entity, operations management, and driving force behind the Lake Chelan Community Center.

Funding the Lake Chelan Community Center

All grants and donations go to the Seven Acres Foundation with the sole purpose of bringing Lake Chelan Community Center to life. Seven Acres consists of a 100% volunteer board and two paid staff members.